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[Ready to Ship ] MOCCS - Classic Bow Moccasins in Soft Pink

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Classic Fringed moccasin with bow.

Made from the highest quality 100% leather sourced from Italy and the USA.

Handmade beautifully right here in Western Australia!

- Care Instructions -

Moccs can be worn both inside and outside.

Wipe clean with a damp cloth or baby wipe.

Do not machine wash.

Do not soak.

0-3 months       4”/ 10cm


3-6 MONTHS       4.5”/ 11.5cm


6-12months       4.85”/ 12.5cm


12-18 months 5.3”/ 13.5cm


18-24months 5.7”/14.5cm


Please note:

To avoid confusion colours are clockwise from Batman Black, Summer Tan, Salted Caramel, Gold, Rose Gold, Soft Pink.