Do you have Afterpay and Laybuy ?

Yes, we do!

I have just placed an order and want to add to it, change it or cancel it?

Unfortunately due to the nature of our online system, we are unable to change or edit your orders once they are ‘checked out’ and complete. Please be tougher when selecting your pieces as a double check makes for a simple start to finish process. If you do however require a change you will need to create another order. Please get in touch via email to arrange this. All cancel's must get in touch. 

Do you do returns?

Yes, we do! Please head to our ‘Returns’ page on the website

Shipping Insurance

We do not cover insurance, taxes or duty of your shipments, these are also not covered in your shipping checkout process. If you would like to arrange insurance, please continue on your own accord.

What if I have entered an incorrect address without realising?

This is the responsibility of the customer, we hope you triple check these important details before checkout. Please contact us to arrange the second shipment, this will however be at the customers cost. A separate shipping invoice will be sent accordingly.

What happens if my orders contains in stock and pre-order items?

We ship our orders whole/complete, this is why we have one postage fee. This method is to save any confusion within the shipping system as orders can only be marked complete once. We also believe this method helps both us and our customers keep track of what has or has not been shipped. If you have any concerns about this please get in touch.

What currency are your prices in?

All pieces on the Hubble + Duke website are listed in Australian dollars. International customers are encouraged to use a currency converter to ensure total cost understanding.


Are there taxes upon International arrival?

There may be! We do suggest conducting your own research specific to your country as we are unable to pin point your individual case.


Are Perth customers able to collect their orders rather than pay for shipping?

Yes, you are. However we do not run as an ‘open store studio’, our space is for creative working. If this option is urgent please email us to arrange your order, time and date of collection. We are happy to do this though please be aware we do prefer to run as an online store and spend our time in the studio focusing picking, packing and designing.

Do you hold Perth Sale Days ?

Yes, we do! Though this is not a guaranteed event so please ensure to purchase if you fall in love with a style. We notify our customers via social media and our newsletter, first in best dressed.

Are we interested in collaborations and brand reps ?

Hubble + Duke is always looking out for new opportunities when the time is right. If you would like to get in touch please do so and we will endeavor to respond when possible. Please keep in mind that we are a small business and appreciate your interest though not all prospects are appropriate for us.

New Season Launch + Sale Info:

We love new seasons and sales! We are just as excited to ship as you are to receive.

Please be mindful our small team work extremely hard during these busy periods to provide you with the best service and shipping timeframes possible. We will always endeavor to respond to your emails though it may take us longer than usual. Hubble + Duke is a Monday – Friday running studio so daily duties and postage timeframes correspond to these days. 

During these busy weeks we are also unable to make changes to your orders, our system does not allow these to be officially edited. Please wait for your items arrive and act accordingly through our returns process. We would hate for small changes to create large problems from both our customers and our inventory systems.

Hooray, your beautiful H+D pieces will be with you soon!