Hubble + Duke varies their sizing selection per season. However, we do aim to dress size 000 to size 8. Please select a size according to your child's age. Sizing up is always a great option if your little one is in between sizes as this allows room to grow and layer.

We provide further information on each garment on its ordering page, please read these notes as they contain sizing and fit information.

Hard/Soft Sole Shoe Sizing:



Gumboot Sizing:

We recommend measuring your childs foot then adding 1cm for growth and warm winter socks. 

4 (14cm AGE: 12m approx.)

5 (14.5cm AGE 18m approx.)

6 (15.2cm AGE: 2yrs approx.)

7 (15.6cm AGE: 2.5yrs approx.)

8 (16.5cm AGE: 3yrs approx.)

9 (17cm AGE: 3.5yrs approx.)

10 (17.9cm AGE: 4 yrs approx.)

11 (18.5cm AGE: 4.5years approx.)

12 (19.2cm AGE: 5yrs Approx.)

13 (19.9cm AGE: 5.5 approx.)

1 (20.4cm AGE: Approx 6-7 yrs)

2 ( 21cm AGE: Approx 7-8 yrs)

3 ( 22cm  AGE:Approx 9-10 yrs)